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A Course in Workshop Technology
Vol 1 Manufacturing Process Author- B.S. Raghuwanshi Publisher- Dhanpat Rai & Co ..
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A Course in Workshop Technology Vol II
Author- B.S. Raghuwanshi Publisher- Dhanpat RAi & Co. ..
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Applied Thermodynamics
Edition- 2nd Author- Er. R.K. Rajput Publisher- Laxmi Publication ..
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CAD/CAM Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
Author- M.Groover, E.Zimmers Publisher- Pearson ..
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Design Of Machine Elements
Edition- 3rd Publisher- TMH ..
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Engineering Thermodynamics
Author- P K Nag Edition- 5th Publisher- TMH ..
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Fluid MEchanics
Edition - TMH ..
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Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines
Edition- 9th Author- Dr. R.K. Bansal Publisher- Laxmi Publications ..
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Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat & Mass Transfer
Edition- 3rd Author- James R. Welty, Charles E. Wicks, Robert E. Wilson Publisher- John Wiley ..
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Hanbook On Mechanical Engineering
Edition - revised publisher - made easy ..
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Handbook of properties of Engineering Materials
Handbook of properties of Engineering Materials and Design Data for Machine Elements SI and metri..
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Heat & Mass Transfer
Author- Dr. D.S. Kumar Publisher- Katson Books ..
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Heat And Mas Transfer
Edition - revised Publisher - S Chand ..
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Heat and Mass Transfer Data Book
Edition- 8th Author- C P Kothandaraman, S Subramanyan Publisher- New Age International ..
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Heat Transfer
Edition- 10th Author- J P Holman, Souvik Bhattacharyya Publisher- TMH ..
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