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Heat and Mass Transfer Data Book
Edition- 8th Author- C P Kothandaraman, S Subramanyan Publisher- New Age International ..
Rs.199.00 Rs.165.00
Ex Tax: Rs.165.00
Heat Transfer
Author- P K Nag Publisher- TMH ..
Rs.375.00 Rs.218.00
Ex Tax: Rs.218.00
Heat Transfer
Edition- 10th Author- J P Holman, Souvik Bhattacharyya Publisher- TMH ..
Rs.665.00 Rs.532.00
Ex Tax: Rs.532.00
Heat Treatment
Rs.375.00 Rs.300.00
Ex Tax: Rs.300.00
High School English Grammar & Composition
Author- Wren & Martin Publisher- Blackie Elt Books (An imprint of S. Chand Publishing) ..
Rs.270.00 Rs.216.00
Ex Tax: Rs.216.00
Higher Surveying-3
  Publisher - laxmi ..
Rs.565.00 Rs.452.00
Ex Tax: Rs.452.00
House Planning
  Publisher - Khanna ..
Rs.80.00 Rs.68.00
Ex Tax: Rs.68.00
How to Read Better & Faster
Author- Norman Lewis Publisher- Goyal Publishers ..
Rs.225.00 Rs.130.00
Ex Tax: Rs.130.00
Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
Water Resources Engineering (Vol I) Author- Santosh Kumar Garg Publisher- Khanna Publishers ..
Rs.325.00 Rs.276.00
Ex Tax: Rs.276.00
Industrial Engineering And Management
  publisher - Khanna ..
Rs.325.00 Rs.276.00
Ex Tax: Rs.276.00
Industrial Instrumentation
Author- Donald P. Eckman Publisher- CBS Publisher ..
Rs.200.00 Rs.160.00
Ex Tax: Rs.160.00
Integrated Course in Electrical Engineering
With About 15,000 Objective Type Questions & Answers Author- J.B. Gupta Publisher- S.K. Ka..
Rs.650.00 Rs.520.00
Ex Tax: Rs.520.00
Introduction to algorithms
Rs.500.00 Rs.250.00
Ex Tax: Rs.250.00
Key to English Grammar & Composition
Author- Wren & Martin Publisher- S. Chand ..
Rs.125.00 Rs.99.00
Ex Tax: Rs.99.00
Laboratory Manual on Engineering Chemistry
Author- S.K. Bhasin, Sudha Rani Publisher- Dhapat Rai Publishing Company ..
Rs.105.00 Rs.61.00
Ex Tax: Rs.61.00